Journey of innovation

When I stepped into the role of Design Director at Tatari in 2016, the company was a promising startup with a passionate team of seven. Our vision was to democratize TV advertising, an ambition that was both challenging and thrilling. We embarked on this journey with a single beta client, August Home. Initially, our scrappy team presented media plans and data science predictions using spreadsheets and slide decks. These were compelling enough to keep a beta client on the hook, but what about the future?

Over the next four years, I spearheaded the design direction that saw Tatari evolve into a powerhouse, expanding our client base to over 200 and generating over $400M in annual recurring revenue. Our team grew in tandem, from 7 to nearly 250 dedicated professionals across sales, data science, media buying, client services, and engineering, each contributing to our meteoric rise.

During my tenure as Design Director, Tatari’s revenue skyrocketed. Our client roster and employee headcount followed suit.
Annual Recurring Revenue
"Working with Tatari helped us be efficient, and optimize as much as possible post-Super Bowl."
Matt Clunan, Director of Brand Marketing, Fiverr
Chapter 1: Elevating measurement in TV advertising

Combining world class data science with beautifully, actionable and intuitive data visualization.

From zero to one

Our inaugural project was the development of a proprietary reporting dashboard, first solely for linear TV and soon after streaming TV advertising. Initially, our strategy relied on intricate spreadsheets. This approach was functional for engaging our first client but lacked scalability. Through design, we transformed our data science prowess into immersive, actionable visualizations. This pivotal innovation transitioned us from a concept to a tangible product capable of attracting and retaining a broad client base.

Chapter 2: Pioneering advanced media buying

Utilizing measurement intelligence to automate and streamline purchasing of media plans.

A step change in media buying for clients and networks

With our reporting infrastructure established, our next endeavor was to revolutionize media buying. Our measurement insights paved the way for automating and refining media plan creation. The process, initially manual and time-consuming, involved crafting plans in Excel and managing extensive email communications with clients and networks. Recognizing the inefficiencies and potential for errors, we developed a sophisticated media buying suite. This platform not only streamlined the planning process but also facilitated direct communication with networks, drastically reducing turnaround times and enhancing our competitive edge.

"Tatari is very focused on foundational metrics of measurement and we really thought that data and analytics aligned well with our mission."
Shannon Lawton, Director of Paid Acquisition, Teladoc Health
Chapter 3: Fostering self-service and client empowerment

Realizing our dream of truly democratized TV advertising.

From hand-holding to hand-shaking

Transitioning from intensive client hand-holding to empowering self-service was our subsequent milestone. We simplified the onboarding process, integrating surveys to better understand client needs and enabling clients to directly manage their analytics and creative assets. This shift significantly alleviated the burden on our sales team, allowing them to focus on building stronger client relationships rather than managing operational intricacies.

"Exceptional Onboarding Experience! ... Clearly they take user experience and design very seriously and it’s impressive"
Bobbie - re Shopify integration
Chapter 4: The power of the Tatari Design System

Consistently unifying product verticals for efficiency and scalability.

The power of strong design

The complexity and scale of our product necessitated a robust design system to ensure consistency and scalability across our offerings. We systematically developed a comprehensive library of design components, prioritizing usability and flexibility. This foundation streamlined our design process, enhancing collaboration between designers and developers, and setting the stage for sustained innovation and growth.


My tenure as Design Director at Tatari was a period of remarkable transformation and growth. By harnessing the power of design, data, and technology, we reshaped TV advertising into a more accessible, efficient, and data-driven practice. As I reflect on this journey, I am proud of the legacy we built—a testament to the power of innovation, teamwork, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

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